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R.P.M Consulting was established by aviation veterans with over 20 years of thorough academic and hands on experience of the airline business. Our experience covers a wide spectrum,ranging from strategy development to the day to day running of an airline. But some of our expertise, such as fleet planning, aircraft evaluation and lease contract negotiation are not easy for airlines to develop and retain them, as they are not required for the day to day operation of an average airline. Aircraft transactions are strategic in nature due to two factors. The high financial risks involved and the duration the impact will last. Airplanes are expensive assets and are usually acquired for long term. Any error in the aircraft acquisition process can have a detrimental effect on the success or failure of the airline. For this reason, it is imperative that such projects be handled with care and by knowledgeable people. Although spending too much is not good, spending too little in such projects could be a penny wise pound foolish. In most airlines, especially the smaller ones, such strategic projects are handled by teams established on ad hock basis with members who have little or no exposure to the complexities of the tasks. As a result, such airlines will be at disadvantage when discussing with their aircraft and/or engine manufacturers or lessorscounterparts due to the gap in knowledge of the subject matter.For the airlines these are tasks that come ones in a blue moon, while for the suppliers, it is their day to day activity. We have seen airlines wasting millions of their scarce funds as a result. Now R.P.M Consulting is trying to fill this gap, by offering airlines with support in area of expertise that are difficult for airlines to develop and retain. For us these are our core business, while for the airlines it could be an ah-hock project. We are committed to providing a world class, quality and prompt services that can save million to airlines. Because of our lean organization and efficient cost structure we are also committed to provide these quality services at a competitive and affordable price. Please visit the complete list of our services at www.rpmaviationservices.com.


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    R.P.M Consulting was established by aviation veterans with over 20 years of thorough academic and hands... Read more

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