What makes these Conferences different? For one the character of the participation. The principal actors here are practitioners of federal democracy – at all levels – including those heading Federal Governments – Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellors; to those heading constituent units – Premiers, Chief Ministers; and those representing federal practice at the grassroots – leaders of village or town governments. There are also scholars, experts, administrators and social activists dedicated to federalism. All participants collectively engage in the process of sharing ideas, experiences and drawing inspiration from one another. All participants are treated equal, as learners who have been provided an environment conducive to a free and frank dialogue. There are no occasions for grandstanding orations, or ‘official’ statements of Government positions. There are no treaties or protocols to be negotiated. There are no presentations of learned academic papers. No exegetical or scholastic debates. No ‘business’ to be transacted. No ‘Commerce’, except the commerce of ideas.


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